Boat Club


Surefoot was the preferred footing option in the renovation of a Boating Club in Canadian Bay at Mt Eliza in Victoria. The main concerns of the design and engineering team in charge of the project were the design life of the structure under marine environment and the structural capacity of Surefoot under loadings of up to 300kN (30 tonne) of gravity.

Surefoot’s Engineering and design team went to site to confirm the scope of works and to discuss the design process with the Project Manager in charge of the renovation. Since the original construction had concrete piles and there was no possibility of removal of the old footings, the driven micropiles would have to be set in order for them to avoid clashing with the existing structure.

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boat club 2
The structural engineer in charge of the design of the framing provided the footing loadings and the layout of the foundations to Surefoot. This information came along with the soil report of the location, which confirmed the presence of clays in the layers beneath the water.

With all of this information, the engineering team at Surefoot proceeded to do the design, by using stainless steel for the cap and micro-piles and with custom-made pile caps to suit the loading proposed by the project.

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As Surefoot was appointed to do the installation of the footings, special measures were taken to work in a marine environment. Installation times were reduced by half from the projected two months.
boat club 4
The final construction went according to the plans and the client was very satisfied with the overall design.

Alternative to Screw Piles


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