House in RYE


One of the many advantages that Surefoot offers is the ability to adapt to steep terrain. Our S250 comes in three different configuration including; 4-way, 3-way and 2-way. Depending on loadings and soil characteristics, the 4-way S250 is usually the preferred option. The flexibilty of the 2 and 3-way options allows the piles to be driven parallel to a boundary or an escarpment.

In this particular case, machinery access was limited and the intended design of deep bored piers was not economical. The owner considered Surefoot as a viable foundation and soon discovered that it was the right choice!

house rye 1
house rye 2
The design prompted the use of the S250 3-way pile cap, the advantage of the 3-way configuration on a slope is that two of the piles can be driven across the slope while the remaining two pile are driven into the slope.
house rye 3
All footings were installed with basic hand tools, savings time and money, with no machinery costs and no time wasted waiting for concrete to dry.
house rye 1 1
Once the footings were installed the stumps were fixed using our standard connection brackets and bracing as per the engineers design.

Alternative to Screw Piles


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